Linear LED Pendants

Linear LED Pendants
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Browse our collection of linear suspension lighting for commercial and residential applications with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability. Our modern linear light fixtures are available in linear recessed, surface-mounted linear, suspended linear and wall-mounted linear configurations.

What is linear suspension lighting?

Suspension lighting describes the mount-type of architectural lighting fixtures using aircraft cable suspension kits. These suspension kits allow suspension from 48 inches up to 120 inches.

What is linear LED lighting?

LED linear lighting fixtures are fixtures that provide lighting through symmetrical and asymmetrical fixture shapes that usually parallel straight lines.

What is Architectural Lighting?

Architectural lighting refers to a type of lighting design that enhances the architectural features of a space. LED linear lighting fixtures generally enhance the sharp lines and edges of modern commercial and residential lighting applications.

Are LED linear suspension lighting the same as LED linear pendant lights?

Yes. They describe the same category of lighting fixtures.