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Architectural Ceiling Lights Built for Commercial Use

Welcome to our showcase of commercial-grade ceiling lighting products with designed commercial and residential specifications.

Browse the various indoor subcategories for recessed, surface and pendant mount applications. Whether your project calls for linear recessed, trimless downlight, linear pendant, cylinder downlight, or highbay and track lighting, our collection of architectural lighting fixtures are made in America with the latest technology such IoT, Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi.

Commercial-Grade Ceiling LightingCommercial-Grade Ceiling Lighting

Ceiling Light FAQ

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What is commercial ceiling lighting?

Commercial-grade ceiling lighting is a type of architectural-grade lighting created specifically for commercial interior ceiling purposes. For example, a ceiling lighting fixture can illuminate and/or accentuate certain features and or provide balanced general lighting. Commercial-grade typically denotes increased durability, vandal-resistant, featuring advanced, smart lighting technologies such as Bluetooth and Wireless Mesh systems.

Available in LED (Light-Emitting Diode) lighting technology, commercial ceiling lighting applications range from hospitality and restaurant spaces to offices, healthcare or other commercial interior spaces. Learn more by browsing and reading our various blog articles and guides.

How do I go about choosing ceiling lights?

The range of LED ceiling lighting products is available in recessed, surface and pendant mounting. The abundance of light required for a given space can be calculated by the help of an architect or a lighting designer. The type of light can also be selected with help from an architect, interior or lighting designer, or one of our lighting sales consultants.

Can I connect commercial ceiling lights together?

Yes. Certain linear recessed lights can be connected for seamless runs of any length if ordered as a continuous run.

What are the ceiling mounting options?

Lights can be installed in ceiling T-bar and screw slot applications, hard ceilings, such as drywall with flange or flangeless, or in soffits.

Can I create shapes in the ceiling?

Yes. With linear recessed lighting, using 90° as well as 135° corner joins, you can create a variety of geometric shapes. Standard shapes range from squares to crosses, rectangles and octagons. You can also draw a desired shape using corner joints (see above) which Alcon Lighting can custom fabricate. Read this article for additional ideas.

Can I install linear recessed lights on the ceiling?

Yes. Recessed lighting can be installed on the ceiling as well as along a seamless run that can start from the ceiling and continue down a wall.

Which Kelvin measurement is best for ceiling lighting?

Though light color is a personal preference choice, color temperatures between 3,000 and 4,000 Kelvin are most common for commercial applications, as warmer tones tend to distort colors in a space and therefore not ideal for work.

Please read “The Effects Of Light Color And Intensity On Your Mind And Body”. Choose among products with our color tuning technology for added convenience of being able to choose any color temperature at any time of day. Learn more by reading “Lighting Technology: What Is Color-Tunable Lighting?

How many lumens are needed for ceiling lighting?

Again, the answer depends upon the context. Generally, 50 to 75 footcandles suits reading and writing. Add 20 to 50 footcandles for spaces or rooms with computers. Learn more by reading “How To Determine How Many Lumens You’ll Need To Properly Light Your Space.

What does CRI mean and which CRI measurement is best for ceiling lighting?

Color Rendering Index (CRI) is a scale which runs from zero to 100. The CRI gauges how well the light renders color. The higher the CRI, the better the color rendering ability. For example, a CRI of 80 suits offices with standard paint, such as white, black and silver—while a CRI of 90 suits offices with painted colors, such as red, blue, green, red, yellow, etc. Learn more by reading “Color Rendering Index – What Is CRI?”.

Do you have ceiling lighting in stock?

Yes. Alcon Lighting stocks a large selection of ceiling lighting products. Some lighting may require assembly by our production team, which may require lead time. Other lights may be in stock and ready to ship. One of Alcon Lighting’s lighting sales consultants can help you choose which product fits the project.

Do you carry ceiling lights not listed on your website?

Yes, we do. The volume and variety of ceiling lighting available in today’s market precludes us from cataloguing every item, though we strive to feature the most refined selection of products on the website. Our team of lighting sales consultants can help you browse, explore and discover products that fit your needs.