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Quality. Dependability. Innovation. Speed.

Combining expertise in architectural lighting sales, manufacturing, distribution, and design, Alcon Lighting offers a retail and wholesale experience that is truly in touch with the fast-evolving demands of the LED lighting industry. By keeping current with the latest trends in energy-efficient lighting and interior design, Alcon Lighting aims to carry products that will be the focus of your warehouse, office and modern residential decor. At Alcon Lighting, we’re actively researching and adding new manufacturers and product lines to a tightly-kept, exclusive roster ensuring our clients can choose from the latest technology and the best quality of commercial and architectural lighting fixtures, specifically LEDs—the most efficient, least toxic, and most cost-effective and feature-rich solution on the market today.

Our mission is to deliver high-quality, technologically-advanced architectural LED lighting products and intelligent lighting systems to our clients—engineers, architects, electricians, lighting designers and distributors—all backed by a commitment to exceptional and prompt customer service.

We are invested in cultivating close relationships with our clients and committing ourselves to every single one by ensuring that they make the most educated buying decision, and then following up to guarantee that they’re completely satisfied with their purchase. Our family-owned, California-based company works hand-in-hand with our vendors to identify and select the best lighting options available while elevating standards in the architectural lighting industry and delivering products and solutions quickly and efficiently.

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Alcon’s Track Record:

Over a decade of innovation and product leadership More than 10,000 cities served in the US & Canada Supplying products to more than 100,000 projects Accommodating thousands of architects, specifiers, lighting designers, and electricians

Q&A With Alcon Lighting Owners Jake Hakimi and David Hakimi

What makes you lighting and energy efficiency experts?

Both Jake and David have a deep love of nature and our planet.  We both also love design.  A commitment to reduce our carbon footprint coupled with desire to save and protect our planet, coupled with our love for design and energy efficiency, have fueled our passion to learn everything about eco-friendly development, but foremost is our love for lighting fixtures.  Our dad used to make lighting fixtures as a hobby when we were younger, taking apart and putting back together lamps and lighting fixtures. His general love of nature, old lamps and repairing things, especially the neighbors’ lamps, rubbed off on us!

What is Alcon's most significant achievement to date?

Very shortly after we started the business, the 2007-2008 recession hit.  In retrospect, our most significant achievement was that we not just survived but thrived during those years.  These days, we measure increased sales, our growing happy customer base, and our unique expertise in energy efficient lighting innovation as our primary achievements.

What is Alcon's "USP,” or Unique Service Proposition?

Alcon uniquely provides quality products without lofty prices and lead times. We also pride ourselves on being able to educate and guide our clients on lighting design and green building codes

What is Alcon's geographic service area?

Alcon works across the United States and Canada.

What is Alcon’s “superpower”?

We do whatever it takes to get specification-grade architectural LED lighting products in three weeks or less.  (Suppliers who aren’t superheroes are known to take eight weeks or more.)

What do you see as the future of lighting?

We’re already in the era of “smart” lighting, but the technology will become even more intelligent. Lighting will be more expressive, adjusting light color to music, mood, and time of day - even syncing with your circadian rhythm. We enjoy working in the present, but we’re really excited about what the future has in store for us!

What are the top five values you and Alcon stand for?

  • Integrity
  • Accountability
  • Value
  • Dedication
  • Love — for ourselves, our team, our customers, and the environment.

Who else is on the Alcon team?

Our team is rich with lighting designers, lighting engineers, product specifiers, and the most reliable lighting manufacturers available.

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