Wall Sconces

Wall Sconces
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Alcon 11250 Hydrogen Vertical Architectural LED Wall Mount Linear Sconce
Alcon Lighting 11244 Lume I Architectural LED Contemporary Rectangular Outdoor Wall Sconce
Alcon Lighting 11245 Lume II Architectural LED Contemporary Square Outdoor Wall Sconce
Alcon 11255 Architectural Wedge LED Indirect Wall Mount Sconce
Alcon 11251 LED Linear Wall Light
Alcon 11122-2 Alva Architectural LED Linear Vanity Light
Belfer Lighting WS7215-LED-ELV-1 LED Wedge Light Wall Mount Sconce
Belfer Lighting WS7230-LED-ELV-1 LED Double Wedge Lens Wall Sconce
Belfer Lighting WS6215-HAL Halogen Wedge Wall Mount Sconce
Belfer Lighting WS6215-LED-ELV-1 Wedge Wall Mount Sconce
Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce
Cerno Ansa 03-137 LED Wall Sconce
Cerno Capio 03-180 LED Wall Sconce
Cerno Vesper 03-132 LED Wall Sconce
Cerno Oris 03-140 LED Wall Sconce
Cerno Claudo 03-150 LED Wall Sconce
Cerno Sedo 03-133 LED Wall Sconce
Hubbardton Forge Planar 217310 LED 3000K Architectural Wall Sconce Lighting Fixture
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Alcon Lighting's commercial wall LED sconce light fixtures are ideal for commercial buildings, hotel and hospitality applications and more. Browse the latest collection.