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U.S. Government contractors work with Alcon Lighting

Public parks and monuments require ample lighting for security and safety with lights that comply with the Buy American Act

America’s leading commercial LED lighting company understands the distinct challenge of working as a government contractor.

Alcon Lighting affords advantages including non-disclosure and confidentiality for America’s national defense as well as regulation guides, expedited service and reduced pricing for today's U.S. government contracted projects.

Government Sectors Served:

  • Public Schools and Institutions
  • Department of Defense
  • Department of Energy
  • State and Local Municipalities
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Activating a U.S. military or government contracted project

Alcon Lighting works with the U.S. government, including NASA and defense and energy departments, among other agencies.

Our lighting professionals understand the needs, challenges and prospects you face in working as a government contractor and/or for America’s military defense.

Let Alcon Lighting give you the advantage of experience, confidentiality and comprehensive data, facts, tools and regulation guides—as well as expedited service and reduced pricing—for your U.S. government contract lighting requirements.

To qualify, we require that a company or government entity present a contract, order and current project status. With activation of your government contractor or military project, Alcon Lighting’s professionals will assist with a variety of additional services, including recommendations, exclusive support and guidance in design, construction and specification.

Alcon Lighting also offers reduced pricing and expedited service and delivery. With a vast inventory of the latest in innovative, smart LED lighting and controls, Alcon Lighting is geared, motivated and equipped to help you create the ideal, human-centric atmosphere for a warm, productive and welcoming environment.

Our U.S.A.-based company strives to provide lights which are made and assembled in America. Browse our collection of lighting made in America or assembled in America and BAA compliant. Please look for an icon indicating a product’s current qualification on our product pages and specification sheets.

Lighting U.S. government buildings, military bases and public municipal spaces with BAA-compliant interior and exterior lights

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