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Linear LED Beam Pendants
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Alcon 12139-P Slim LED Linear Pendant Light
Alcon 12100-20-P LED Linear Pendant Light
Alcon 12100-40-P Continuum 40 Series LED Linear Pendant
Alcon 12133 Slim Linear 5 FT Commercial-Grade LED Pendant Light
Alcon 12100-40-P-WW Continuum 40 Series Architectural LED Linear Pendant Mount Wall Wash Light Fixture
Alcon 12100-66-P Linear LED Pendant Light
Alcon 12105 Delano Architectural LED Pendant
Alcon 12125 Casablanca Commercial-Grade LED Pendant
Alcon 12100-8-P Slim Linear LED Pendant Light
Alcon 12113 NLP Commercial-Grade LED Pendant Light
Alcon 12114 Dallas LED Commercial-Grade Pendant Light
Alcon 12159 Slim Linear Pendant LED Light
Alcon 12122-P Lombardy Industrial Commercial-Grade LED Pendant
Alcon 12100-40-P-RC Commercial-Grade Rectangular LED Pendant
Alcon 12100-40-P-U Architectural U-Shaped Pendant LED Light
Alcon Lighting 12100-40-P-T Continuum 40 Architectural LED Tee-Shaped Pendant Mount Direct/Indirect Light Fixture
Alcon Lighting 12100-40-P-L Continuum 40 Architectural LED L-Shaped Pendant Mount Direct/Indirect Light Fixture
Alcon 12138 Slim LED Direct and Indirect Linear Pendant Light
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Linear LED Pendants

Linear LED Pendants

Our collection of linear suspension lighting products are designed with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability for commercial and residential installations. Browse these modern linear pendant lights as well as the linear recessedsurface-mounted linear and wall-mounted linear configurations.

Linear LED Pendants

Linear Beam Pendant Lighting Q & A

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What is linear suspension lighting?

Linear suspension lighting describes the mount-type of linear architectural lighting fixtures using aircraft cable suspension kits. These suspension kits allow suspension from 48 inches up to 120 inches from the ceiling.

What is linear LED lighting?

Linear LED lighting provides Light-Emitting Diode (LED) illumination through symmetrical and asymmetrical linear fixture shapes.

Is LED linear suspension lighting the same as LED linear pendant lighting?

Yes. They describe the same category of lighting fixtures.

Can linear pendants direct light up as well as down?

Yes. Our linear suspension lighting products allow for configuring uplighting as well as downlighting.

What is uplighting?

An uplight is a light fixture that directs light up toward the ceiling. Uplighting can also be used to highlight ceiling details, such as beams, pipes and other distinctive ceiling infrastructure.

What is indirect lighting? 

Indirect lighting is light reflected from another surface.

Are indirect lights uplights?

No. The linear product design may aim LEDs at a reflector inside the fixture to minimize glare of the downlight. There will be no uplight from this fixture on the ceiling. This type of fixture is known as an indirect downlight. 

Which applications use uplighting?

Uplighting suits the office space or classroom because uplighting minimizes glare, making an easier, more conducive working environment.