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Alcon 12100-35-P, industrial pendant light shown in white finish with metal gripper suspension and flushed lens.
Alcon 12100-35-P, industrial pendant light shown in white finish with metal gripper suspension and flushed lens.
Model 12100-35-P
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Alcon 12100-41-P, wet location pendant light shown in white finish and with an upward facing flushed wrapping lens and bottom flushed lens.
Alcon 12100-41-P, wet location pendant light shown in white finish and with an upward facing flushed wrapping lens and bottom flushed lens.
Model 12100-41-P
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Linear LED Pendant Lights

Linear Pendant Lighting Made with American Craftsmanship

Linear suspension lights are a mainstay in contemporary architecture. The clean lines suit a range of commercial applications, including offices, classrooms, healthcare facilities, retail and industrial spaces. Suspension lighting makes a statement while affording direct and indirect lighting that can highlight architectural features and create a work-conducive environment.

Alcon Lighting LED pendant lights deliver:

  • High-CRI LEDs with color temperature selection and RGBW tuning
  • Industrial-grade mounting options that are built to last and work with a range of ceiling types, including sloped
  • Direct and indirect lighting to help reduce glare and accentuate ceiling design features
  • Optional occupancy and daylight sensors that improve energy efficiency

Alcon Lighting strives to support American manufacturing, offering products that are made or assembled in America.

Linear suspension lighting shown with 90-degree angle connectors can make original geometric designs as shown in this retail space

Applications and use

Plant Seven lobby and elevator stairwell shown with linear lighting running around the perimeter

Plant Seven | High Point, North Carolina

A continuous run of rolled steel linear pendant lighting highlights the design features of a renovated industrial site.

Suspended linear light fixtures provide high CRI at The Commune creative co-working space in Austin, Texas

The Commune | Austin, TX

Tunable white linear suspension lights offer high-CRI task-oriented lighting in a creative coworking space.


AARMY | West Hollywood, CA

Linear lighting adds to the dynamic atmosphere of a spin class space at AARMY popup studio in West Hollywood, California


Linear Suspension Lighting FAQ

  • Linear suspension lighting refers to light fixtures that hang from the ceiling. It’s also commonly referred to as linear pendant lighting. The pendant light housing connects to the ceiling mount via an aircraft canopy cable or solid pendant stem.

    Linear LED lighting provides Light-Emitting Diode (LED) illumination through symmetrical and asymmetrical linear fixture shapes. Linear lights can be recessed, surface-mounted or suspended pendant fixtures.

    Yes. “Linear suspension” and “linear pendant” refer to the same type of fixture. The terms are used interchangeably in the lighting industry.

    Yes. Most Alcon Lighting linear pendant lights allow for uplighting as well as downlighting. You can choose the desired watts or lumens for the downlight and uplight, or choose downlighting only.

    Uplights direct light toward the ceiling. It is often used to highlight ceiling details, such as beams, pipes and other ceiling infrastructure.

  • Indirect lighting is light reflected from another surface. This helps reduce glare from the light source.

    No. Indirect lights can be uplights because the light is directed towards the ceiling with an uplight. But not all indirect lights are uplights. The linear product design may aim LEDs at a reflector inside the fixture to minimize the glare of a downlight. This is known as an indirect downlight.

    Uplighting can be beneficial in office and classroom applications because it minimizes glare for a more work-conducive environment.

    Yes. The aircraft canopy cable mount allows pendant lights to hang properly from a sloped ceiling.

Suspended Linear LED Lights Built to Specification

Alcon Lighting can build linear pendant lights to your specifications. Fixture length, lumens, color temperature, and finishes can all be customized to fit the architectural needs of a project. You can also request customized controls and features, such as ensuring products meet CETL requirements.

If you have specialized design needs for any suspension fixtures, call us to speak with an Alcon Lighting Sales Consultant for a free layout consultation.

Linear pendant lighting shown with angled connectors to make a seamless zig-zag pattern in the common area of this contemporary office design.
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