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High performance commercial lighting Designed for architectural applications

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High performance commercial lighting designed for architectural applications

High performance commercial lighting designed for architectural applications

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Commercial lighting case studies

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The lobby is narrow and deep, fronting a street—located in the heart of San Francisco’s historic Jackson Square neighborhood with tall, canopied trees and tall, adjacent buildings...

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The client is HBHQ, the coaching enterprise led by profit and money-making coach Haley Burkhead. HBHQ’s space exists at 3100 Capital Way in Fort Worth, Texas.

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After 26 years in the games industry—working on brands such as Lord of the Rings and 007 James Bond—CEO and founder Bret Robbins started Ascendant Studios in 2018 with the goal to foster...

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Tabor Center promises tenants ample natural light, access to conference facilities, an athletic club, convenience store, and a hotel. The Commons is Tabor's recently renovated tenant...

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Founded in Houston, Texas, Othon is a multi-descipline civil engineering firm focusing on private and state-sponsored projects, such as a segment of California’s high-speed railway, sought…

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Alvarez & Vincent designer Christian Munoz met with AARMY’s LA head, Angela Manuel-Davis. “We knew that she was a former USA track team member,” Munoz said, adding that Manuel-Davis invited designers to…

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To highlight existing industrial architecture by preserving previous parts while offering a contrast with new construction. Architectural lighting design works to serve, highlight and enhance certain…

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Re-purposing what had once been a locksmith shop, Hunt remade the building with respect for the existing ceiling structure, retaining concrete block walls and exposing ducts. “Giving the client a range…

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The high profile Albuquerque branch, constructed to replace an outdated existing branch, was conceived to introduce digital innovation to unique branch architecture and streamlined project management…

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Lighting FAQ

  • Commercial lighting refers to lighting for non-residential application or any space designated for commercial application and use. Commercial-grade lighting denotes products built with features, such as, increased durability, vandal-resistance, Bluetooth Mesh systems, WiFi, daylight harvesting and color-tunable controls.

    Architects favor lighting with features and options tailored to meet the varied needs of occupants and design goals of a space. These customizable, made-to-order lights are often referred to as specification-grade.

    Lighting specifications abound for commercial applications. Creating an intelligent, practical and principled design strategy can lead to a healthier and happier occupant experience.

    Architectural lighting design serves and enhances certain architectural elements to foster, establish or emphasize a building’s aesthetic, history and purpose—its ethos.

    Architectural lighting can be similar but is not exactly the same as lighting design. The former’s focus is with architecture. The latter’s consideration is often ergonomic or functional — any aspect which improves one’s ability to live, work, function, relax or play — to make sure light is optimally used and distributed.

    Architectural lighting is the intersection of art (architecture), design and technology (lighting).

    Alcon Lighting, Inc. designs, manufactures and distributes products bypassing the traditional representative agency model of the lighting industry.  Alcon Lighting sells products directly to distributors or resellers, trade professionals and end users.  Pricing is designed to protect distributors while also affording trade professionals and end users clear and competitive pricing so they may accurately budget for their projects.

  • Although many of our lighting products are made in the U.S. or assembled in the U.S., some are imported. Please refer to our website product pages or specification sheets for the respective labels. You may also confirm by calling to speak with one of our lighting sales consultants.

    Architects, Designers, Electricians, and Contractors. Please visit our trade page for more information.

    Lighting distributors, please visit our distributor page to purchase as a reseller.

    Yes. However distributors receive distributor net pricing. If you are a distributor, electrical wholesaler or other lighting reseller please fill out the job quote request form.

    Lead time is the time it takes to fabricate, assemble and prepare and order for shipment. Lead time is the time between the receipt of an order and shipment.

    Note: we cannot guarantee lead times. Occasional backorder of components (i.e., LED drivers, diodes and/or other electrical components) may lead to assembly delays. Be assured, Alcon Lighting is 100 percent committed to meeting and/or exceeding lead time estimates.

Recent Clients

  • For our recent project with Brentwood Country Club we loved working with Alcon Lighting. The light quality was a huge improvement for the client. Moreover, the lights not only look great but, photometrically they provide more than enough light for the entire space."

    Hunter Fleetwood, Architect at Fleetwood Fernandez

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    Lighting Spacecraft Launchpads and Hangars—an interview with a Space Coast Lighting Professional
  • The LED Cylinder Pendant is the perfect ambient light for exposed ceiling designs. It’s simplistic yet mindful design easily compliments all spaces, especially when paired with a feature fixture like the Cirkel LED suspended chandelier. "

    Amy Vonderau, Interior Designer at AV Interiors

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    Lighting Spacecraft Launchpads and Hangars—an interview with a Space Coast Lighting Professional
  • Alcon Lighting was a terrific partner for our latest fitness center buildout. From pre-construction spec to project closeout their highly knowledgeable and responsive team helped my project succeed on time and on budget. Specification was a breeze, shipping was fast, and the end product exceeded expectations. Thank you!"

    John P. Hughes II, Titan Construction Management LLC

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    Lighting Spacecraft Launchpads and Hangars—an interview with a Space Coast Lighting Professional