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Commercial Pendant Lighting
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Cerno Virga 06-130 LED Pendant Light
Cerno Calx 60-200 LED Accent Pendant Light
Cerno Mica 06-160 LED Accent Pendant Light
Cerno Mica L 06-180 LED Pendant Light
Cerno Claudo 06-110 LED Accent Pendant Light
Cerno Abeo L 06-190 LED Pendant Light
Cerno Levis L 06-170 LED Pendant Light
Cerno Salix 06-120 LED Accent Pendant Light
Cerno Levis 06-100 LED Accent Pendant Light
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What is Commercial LED lighting?

Commercial LED lighting is lighting used in non-residential applications (LED stands for light-emitting diode). “Commercial-grade” typically denotes increased durability, vandal-resistant, featuring advanced, smart lighting technologies such as Bluetooth and Wireless Mesh systems. Commercial lighting applications include, but are not limited to, offices, schools, hospitals, industrial, warehouse and manufacturing applications.”

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