Hospitality and Dining Lighting | Finish: Satin Haze, Silver is standard. White, black or bronze finish available for an additional charge; Manufacturer: Alcon Lighting

Hospitality and Dining Lighting
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Additional options
  1. 0-10V Dimming
  1. 0-10V
  2. ELV
  3. Triac (1)
  4. Lutron Ecosystem Hi-Lume 1%
  5. Universal dimming (Triac/ELV/0-10V) is standard
  6. TRIAC, ELV, MLV dimming is standard
  7. 0-10V dimming available for an additional charge
  8. TRIAC remote dimming is standard. Other dimming driver options are available for an additional charge.
  9. Universal dimming (Triac/ELV/0-10V) is available (1)
  1. On Sale