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Healthcare Lighting
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Alcon 12518-P Linear Antimicrobial LED Pendant Light
Alcon 12518-S Linear Surface Mount Antimicrobial LED Light
Alcon 12518-W Linear Wall Mount Antimicrobial LED Light
Alcon 12519-S Antimicrobial Linear Surface-Mounted Ceiling LED Light
Alcon 12519-W Linear Antimicrobial Wall Mount LED Light
Alcon 12520-S Linear Antimicrobial Surface-Mounted LED Light
Alcon 12520-W Linear Antimicrobial Wall Mount LED Light
Alcon 12523-S Antimicrobial Linear Surface-Mounted LED Light
Alcon 12523-W Antimicrobial Linear LED Wall Light
Alcon 12504 Architectural Contemporary Design LED Troffer Light
Alcon 12524 Commercial-Grade LED Antimicrobial Wall Sconce
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About Healthcare Lighting

Intelligent, commercial-grade, color-tunable LED lighting, Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi controls put the power to specify and execute individual lighting commands and preferences within your domain. Propel healthcare worker energy, calibrate a certain mood and activate faster, fuller patient recovery with brighter, sharper lighting. Our healthcare lighting products are coated with premium antimicrobial paint. Imagine having a clinically superior yet calming, peaceful and more streamlined and efficient hospital experience. With our new healthcare products, exclusively designed for improved patient, doctor and medical staff and visitor experiences, we’re applying recent progress in lighting technology to realize this vision.

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