LED Cove Lighting

Knife-edge LED cove lights with cool white color temperature direct lighting up at the ceiling to reflect it down, reducing glare in this classroom

Surface-Mounted Linear Knife Edge Cove LED Light

Get more evenly distributed lighting with this knife-edged LED architectural-grade product. Our sharp-edged extrusion attaches to heavy gauge steel wall brackets or a special extension, affording on-board driver installation and 1/2” or 5/8” thick drywall

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Alcon Linear Wall LED Light Bar - Image 1
Alcon Linear Wall LED Light Bar - Image 1
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Creating Atmosphere with Architectural Cove Lighting

Cove lighting provides a sense of depth and dimension in commercial spaces. The soft, diffused light creates a more inviting and comfortable atmosphere. Cove lights highlight architectural features, such as columns, beams and moldings, while adding ambient light to enhance the visual appeal of a space.

  • High-performance LED cove lights are perfect for accent lighting
  • Perimeter cove lighting affords occupants increased safety and security
  • Wall-wash lighting adds layers to architectural lighting design plans

LED cove lighting is a versatile and stylish solution to create a variety of effects in a variety of spaces, including restaurants, retailers, health spas, fitness centers, classrooms and offices.

A light bar mounted discreetly in a cove affords warm white indirect uplighting in a spa, adding to the atmosphere of calm and relaxation

Alcon 12201-P Round LED Pendant Light

This round commercial-grade pendant is die-formed in 20-gauge spun steel. An architectural Light-Emitting Diode (LED) fixture with added durability featuring Bluetooth and wireless Mesh technology and a vandal-resistant design

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Applications and use

A fanned pattern of linear surface mount and recessed LED lights create a sense of motion, like a spaceship jumping to hyperspace in this spin class.

AARMY | West Hollywood, California

Linear lighting elicits a sense of motion, like a spaceship jumping to hyperspace.

A 1-inch linear recessed light runs around the perimeter of the private office spaces, adding dimension and balancing with natural light through the windows.

Othon Engineering | Houston, Texas

A linear recessed light around the perimeter of the proviate offices adds a layer of light.

Linear light fixtures help hightlight both the original bones and new construction of a renovated textile mill turned creative coworking space.

Plant Seven | High Point, North Carolina

Linear lighting highlights old architectural features and new construction at a renovated mill.


Cove Lighting FAQ

  • The type of fixture used in cove lighting are variations of LED strip lighting which can be found in our linear recessed or linear surface lighting categories.

    Cove lights may be recessed or mounted on a surface depending on the depth of the soffit. A general contractor can facilitate the collaboration between a framer and drywall installer to create a cove or floating ceiling where cove lights can then be installed. Hire a professional electrician to ensure fixtures are installed correctly and safely. It may also be beneficial to consult the electrician prior to ordering lights to ensure you have the correct specifications.

    The correct Correlated Color Temperature (CCT) for cove lights will depend on the function of the space and atmosphere you wish to create. Warm white lights (2700K to 3000K) are traditionally used in residential and hospitality spaces. . Cool white (3500K to 5000K) are used in commercial spaces, such as offices, lobbies and salons. RGBW also allows the use of an array of colors, in addition to warm and cool white.

  • The difference between wall wash lighting and wall grazer lighting is the distance of the lights from the wall and the effect it creates. Wall wash lighting is created by mounting lights on the ceiling so that the beam of light falls on the wall at a wide angle. The result is a uniform, even wash of light across the wall. By contrast, wall grazer lighting is created by mounting lights closer to the wall, so that the beam of light skims the surface of the wall. This results in a more dramatic effect, highlighting the texture and depth of the wall.

    There are four mounting options for cove lighting:

    • Wall wash lighting is mounted on the ceiling near where the ceiling and wall meet to provide a even wash of light along the wall. Alcon Lighting’s 4-Inch Perimeter Recessed Cove Light is an example of a wall wash cove fixture.
    • Wall grazer lighting is mounted on the ceiling closer to the wall, accenting special materials or textures on the wall for a more dramatic effect, as seen with Alcon Lighting’s Wall Grazer Linear LED Light.
    • Cove light bars afford indirect uplighting. An LED Cove Light Bar is mounted inside a cove architectural feature, hiding the fixture while highlighting architectural features.
    • Knife-edge cove lights are used with floating ceilings. A Knife-Edge Cove LED Light is mounted on the upper surface of a floating ceiling, directing light up at the ceiling then reflecting down.

    The amount of lumens needed for cove lighting will depend on the size of the room and other lights used in the space. You can use Alcon Lighting’s lumens calculator to determine the total lumens needed for a space, based on room type, size, wall color and light placement.

Modern Elegance with LED Cove Lighting

LED cove lights offer energy-efficiency and exceptional performance, while adding layers, depth and dimension to a space. The discreet placement of lights along architectural details conceals the light source while highlighting features of the surrounding space, accentuating textures and enhancing overall aesthetic appeal.

If you have questions or would like a layout assistance, call us to speak with an Alcon Lighting Sales Consultant.

Perimeter wall wash cove lights add accent lighting down corridors
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