Commercial-Grade LED Recessed Lighting | Finish: Clear; Technology: LED

  1. Linear
  2. Rectangle
  3. Square (4)
  4. Round (1)
Aperture Width
  1. 1"
  2. 2"
  3. 2.5" (1)
  4. 3" (2)
  5. 4"
  6. 6"
  7. 8"
  1. 4FT
  2. 8FT
  1. LED
  2. Bluetooth Mesh
Commercial-Grade LED Recessed Lighting
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5 Results

VE 14143-R 3-Inch Recessed LED Trimless Round Light
VE 14143-S 3-Inch Recessed LED Trimless Square Light
Alcon 14073-DIR Illusione 2.5-Inch Architectural LED Direct Square Recessed Light
Alcon 14073-ADJ Illusione 2.5-Inch Architectural LED Adjustable Square Recessed Light
Alcon 14073-WW Illusione 2.5-Inch Architectural LED Wall Wash Square Recessed Light
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Browse our collection of Commercial-Grade LED recessed lighting available in round and square with 2-light and 3-light recessed-multiples options. Flanged or flange-less, Alcon Lighting® trimless recessed lights are ideal for commercial and residential applications where Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi ready architectural recessed lights are desired.
The latest collection of architectural and commercial LED recessed lighting and trimless recessed lights are ideal for commercial and residential applications. Available in square to round, trimless and multiples with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability.