Modern Pendant lighting

X-shaped modern pendant lighting shown in a lobby

Alcon 12100-20-X-P Architectural LED X-Shape Pendant Light Fixture

Our linear architectural LED lights come with a variety of color temperature, dimming, CRI and voltage options. Ideal for commercial, hospitality and residential interior lighting, this 2-inch lens opening fixture offers an RGBW and Bluetooth Light Mesh

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Pendant Lighting in Commercial Architecture

Pendant lights offer architects modern, high-end styling while providing functional, task-oriented lighting. Suspension lights make a statement and set the atmosphere in a space. Commercial designers frequently turn to these LED ceiling lights for office and hospitality lobbies, commercial kitchens, dining rooms, board rooms and more.

Alcon’s collection of modern pendant lights offers:

  • Energy-efficient direct and indirect LED lighting
  • Advanced RGBW and color temperature technology
  • Commercial-grade construction and mounting
  • Smart dimming controls

Create the aesthetic you’re looking for in any space while providing functional lighting that’s built to last with the most energy-efficient diodes available today.

Modern LED ring pendant light suspended from a recessed ceiling over an office conference room table

Alcon 12233 Architectural Pendant Ring Chandelier LED Light

Add modern chandelier elegance with grand, suspended round ring LED pendant lighting to any space. This architectural-grade extruded aluminum light yields efficiency and a prolonged lifespan with clear, streamlined light.

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Applications and use

Two types of modern pendant light fixtures—ring pendant and cylinder pendant—light works spaces at the Othon Engineering office in Houston, Texas

Othon Engineering | Houston. TX

Ring pendant lights, as well as cylinder pendant lights, played a role in converting a dated cubicle office into a modern workspace.

Two types of LED suspended light fixtures—cylinder downlights and linear suspension lights—light the Plant Seven offices in North Carolina

Plant Seven | High Point, NC

Cylinder downlights and linear suspension lights featured prominently in the redesign of an industrial plant converted into a co-working office space.

Modern linear LED suspension lights provide high-CRI lighting at The Commune creative coworking space in Austin, Texas

The Commune | Austin, TX

Linear pendant lights helped update an old locksmith shop into a workspace that encourages occupants to share and mingle.


Pendant Light FAQ

  • Pendants are lights that hang from the ceiling, usually, from wires, links or bars mounted perpendicular to the ceiling.

    These types of fixtures are different from surface-mount lights that mount directly on the ceiling and recessed lights that are embedded into the ceiling.

    Yes. Both pendant and suspension refer to light fixtures that hang from the ceiling. The terms can be used interchangeably.

    This depends on the type of fixture. Linear, ring and rectangular pendant lights often provide both downlighting for task-oriented spaces, as well as uplighting for an architectural design accent. Cylinder pendants are typically downlights.

    Indirect lighting directs the light from the bulb towards another surface to minimize glare. With indirect pendants, the LED bulbs are aimed at the ceiling or at a reflector mounted inside the housing of the fixture.

  • No. Uplighting is still direct lighting. LED bulbs are aimed at the ceiling. Indirect lighting can be used in downlighting or uplighting. In both cases, the light is directed at a reflective surface inside the light fixture to provide softer lighting and minimize glare.

    Suspension lights are commonly used in commercial architecture for offices , including conference rooms and reception areas. They are prominent in hospitality spaces for lobbies and dining rooms. You may see pedants that provide indirect lighting used in classrooms since the fixtures help minimize glare.

Modern LED Pendant Lights

Alcon Lighting is proud to offer American-made and assembled LED light fixtures built to architectural specifications. We strive to provide commercial designers with the most energy-efficient LEDs, paired with modern designs that complement today’s commercial applications and smart technology.

Our team is here to help you develop the right lighting design plan for your space. Pendant lights are often paired with other fixtures, such as recessed lights to create a cohesive design.

Suspended LED disk lights hang from a sloped vaulted ceiling at the Skälby School and Preschool in Stockholm, Sweden
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