LED Troffers and Panels

LED Troffers and Panels
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Alcon Lighting 14028 Edge Lit Architectural LED Flat Panel Recessed High Efficiency Direct Light Troffer (Wattage & Color Temperature Selectable)
Alcon 14052 Edge Lit Architectural LED Flat Panel
Alcon 14128 Recessed Volumetric Flat-Panel LED Troffer
Alcon 14125 Recessed Volumetric Flat-Panel LED Troffer
Alcon 24000 Elite Architectural LED Recessed Center Basket Direct Light Troffer
Alcon 14150 Center Basket LED Troffer | Field-Selectable Wattage and Color Temperature
Alcon 14726 Recessed Troffer LED Downlight
Alcon Lighting 14032 Aces Architectural LED Recessed Center Basket Ribbed Direct Light Troffer
Alcon 14061 HiLED Architectural LED High Performance Recessed Troffer
Alcon 14080 Prestige Architectural LED Recessed Side Basket Troffer
Alcon 11150 Prisma Architectural Field-Tunable LED Surface Mount Shallow Shroud and LED Flat Panel Box
Alcon Lighting 14090 Skybox Architectural LED Regressed Edgelit LED Flat Sky Light Panel
Alcon 14010 Recessed Wattage Selectable Indirect LED Downlight Troffer
Alcon 14065 Sky Multi-Panel LED Pendant Light
Alcon 14151 Dual Basket LED Troffer
Alcon 11166-R LED Regressed Flat Panel with Sound Absorbing Acoustics
Alcon 11166-AD LED Acrylic Drop Light Fixture
Alcon 2x4 Medical Clean Room Troffer
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1X4 LED Troffers

Designed for Commercial Lighting Applications like Office Lighting, Schools and Retail spaces, our 1x4 LED Troffers provide high CRI (Color Rendering Index) and low energy consumption. 1X4 LED Troffers replace existing fluorescent troffer fixtures. Also referred to as 1x4 LED commercial lay-in fixtures and thin 1x4 LED troffers, at Alcon Lighting, we hand pick our products to ensure they meet the highest quality and strictest energy efficiency standards.