Commercial LED Chandeliers | Mount Type: Pendant; Lead Time: QuickShip; Light Direction: Direct Downlight

Commercial LED Chandeliers
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Additional options
  1. 0-10V
  2. ELV
  3. Triac
  1. 2FT
  2. 3FT
  3. 4FT
  4. 8FT (1)
  5. 10FT
  6. 12FT
Mount Type
  1. Pendant
  2. Aircraft Cable
  3. Surface (1)
  4. 24" Cord (CM24) is standard. Other size cords and stems are available.
  5. 4 ft. straight aircraft cable is standard. Other size cables and stems are available.
  6. 24" stem is standard. Other stem lengths are available.
Lead Time
  1. QuickShip
  2. Ships In: 1-2 Weeks
  3. Ships-in: 2-4 Weeks
  4. Ships-in: 3-4 Weeks
  5. Ships-in: 6-8 Weeks
Light Direction
  1. Direct Downlight
  2. Indirect Uplight
  3. Direct/Indirect (1)
  4. Inner
  5. 360°

More Information

Our line of commercial-grade LED chandeliers are designed for use in offices, commercial building lobbies, conference rooms and outdoor foyers. Each chandelier provides high-CRI and high-lumen LED light with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability. Browse our collection of commercial-grade large square, round / ring and linear suspension lighting pendants.

What are Commercial LED Chandeliers?

Commercial Chandeliers are large chandeliers used in office building or commercial building lobbies, large conference rooms, commercial or modern residential foyers.

What is Commercial LED Lighting?

Commercial LED lighting is lighting used in non-residential applications (LED stands for light-emitting diode). “Commercial-grade” typically denotes increased durability, vandal-resistant, featuring advanced, smart lighting technologies such as Bluetooth and Wireless Mesh systems. Commercial lighting applications include, but are not limited to, offices, schools, hospitality and dining, industrial, warehouse and manufacturing facilities. Browse our collection of U.S. made, commercial-grade lighting fixtures.

Commercial Lighting Control Regulations: A Cheat Sheet.