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Alcon 12100-15-R Continuum 15 Series LED Linear Recessed
Alcon 12100-15-R Continuum 15 Series LED Linear Recessed
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Commercial-Grade Linear Recessed Lighting

Linear Recessed Lighting for Interior and Exterior Applications

Browse our collection of linear recessed lighting for Interior and exterior applications. Our commercial-grade linear recessed lights allow for clean, straight lines of high-CRI LED lighting in continuous runs of any length with seamless connections from ceiling to wall. Our modern linear strip light fixtures are available in  linear recessedsurface-mounted linearsuspended linear and  wall-mounted linear configurations.

Commercial-Grade Linear Recessed Lighting


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What is linear recessed lighting?.

Linear recessed lighting is a type of architectural lighting in which linear channels, usually in straight (linear) four-feet to eight-feet standard sections, can create any desired linear design, which are recessed into the ceiling, wall or floor. The purpose is to accentuate modern residential or commercial architectural features and or provide balanced general lighting. Available in LED lighting technology, linear recessed lighting applications range from wall wash and wall graze to downlight.

Can I connect linear recessed lights together?

Yes. Our linear recessed lights can be connected for seamless runs of any length if ordered as a continuous run.

What are the different linear recessed lighting mounting options?

Our linear recessed lights can be installed in ceiling T-bar and screw slot applications, hard ceilings, such as drywall with flange or flangeless, in soffits, in the wall or in the floor.

Can I create shapes with linear recessed lighting in my ceiling?

We use 90° as well as 135° corner joins to create a variety of geometric shapes. Standard shapes range from squares to crosses, rectangles and octagons. You can also draw a desired shape using corner joints (see above) which we can custom fabricate.

Can I install linear recessed lights on the wall and ceiling?

Yes. Our recessed lighting can be installed in the wall or ceiling as well as along a seamless run that can start from the ceiling and run down the wall.

What is wall wash linear recessed lighting?

Wall wash linear ceiling LED recessed lights have a reflector inside, directing light at an angle onto the wall to illuminate art, displays or signage.

When these are installed, will you just see the strip of light? Or is there a border around it?

We carry both borderless, also known as flangeless or trimless, linear recessed lighting as well as linear recessed lights with a border trim, also known as flanged.

What lengths can I get linear recessed lighting in?

Our linear recessed lighting comes in the standard four-foot and eight-foot lengths. However, we can also provide custom lengths, depending on the lighting fixture.