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Commercial-Grade LED Recessed Lighting
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Additional options
  1. Emergency Battery
  2. 0-10V Dimming
  1. 0-10V
  2. ELV
  3. Triac
  4. Lutron Ecosystem 5-Series 5%
  5. Lutron Ecosystem Hi-Lume 1%
  6. TRIAC remote dimming is standard. Other dimming driver options are available for an additional charge.
  7. Universal dimming (Triac/ELV/0-10V) is available
  8. Non-dimming is standard. Universal and 0-10V dimming drivers available for an additional charge. (3)
  9. Non-dimming is standard. Universal 120V/277V driver is available for an additional charge.
  10. Universal (Triac/ELV/0-10V)
  1. 4FT
  2. 8FT
  1. On Sale

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Browse our collection of Commercial-Grade LED recessed lighting available in round and square with 2-light and 3-light recessed-multiples options. Flanged or flange-less, Alcon Lighting® trimless recessed lights are ideal for commercial and residential applications where Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi ready architectural recessed lights are desired.

Outdoor Linear Recessed Lighting

UL Listed for Damp Locations

Luminaires that are “Suitable for Damp Locations” are approved for areas that are regularly exposed to moisture and condensation. These fixtures can safely handle limited amounts of moisture on, in, and around their electrical components. This rating also encompasses areas that are partially protected from water. However, it does not cover direct water contact.

Damp location listed LED lights are frequently used indoors for laundry rooms, over showers and bathtubs, utility rooms, unfinished basements, and similar areas. They can be used outdoors in areas that are protected, such as covered patios or porches, as these locations are usually not at risk of direct rain or snow exposure. These lights typically cost more than dry location lights because more advanced construction is required to meet the higher safety standards.

UL Listed for Wet Locations

Fixtures and lamps that are “Suitable for Wet Locations” can be installed anywhere that liquids might come in direct contact with the electronics. It could be a slow drip, a strong flow or anything in-between. They are typically used outdoors for things such as site lighting, wall packs, open-air decks, walkway lights, gazebos, signs, and holiday lights.

The latest collection of architectural and commercial LED recessed lighting and trimless recessed lights are ideal for commercial and residential applications. Available in square to round, trimless and multiples with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability.