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9/1/11- L. Donato, UCLA

"Alcon Lighting has been a huge help. They provide great service ranging from lighting designs for various applications, to providing information on the latest energy efficient lighting systems. It's been a pleasure working with them."

- L. Donato, UCLA

8/6/11 - Michael Cooper

"Energy Efficient lighting by Alcon Lighting really lights me up! ... So if you're feeling gloomy, this is the place you ought to be!"

- Michael Cooper ("A Loyal Customer")
USC Women's Basketball, Head Coach (2009 - Present)
Los Angeles Lakers (1978-1990)

5/13/11 - Arclight Cinemas, Hollywood

"What a breath of fresh air. They made the process of energy efficient lighting retrofitting a breeze. Thanks for helping make the Arclight more eco-friendly."

- Arclight Cinemas, Hollywood, CA

3/28/11 - Dolia, Bebe Beverly Hills

"For LED under-cabinet lighting, Alcon Lighting is the place to go.  I thought LEDs were bright blue, the ones they recommended are the same color as my old incandescents. Well informed staff. Pleasure to do business with. "

- Dolia, Bebe, Beverly Hills

3/25/11 - Don Mehrabi, M.D. - Beverly Hills Skin

"I contacted Alcon lighting before the making of my dermatology office in Beverly Hills. My goal was to find a company that can help me with lighting design as well offer me reasonable pricing on products. They were able to provide my contractor and I excellent lighting tips, great looking products, reasonably priced and a high tech service. Their selection of energy efficient lighting products is extensive. I will be contacting them in the near future for other projects.

- Don Mehrabi, M.D.

12/4/10 - The Grove, Los Angeles

"Alcon Lighting has been a great help! We used to have warm white fluorescent color temperatures mixed with cool blue-ish looking fluorescents. The lighting as the Grove is now uniform. Thanks guys." 

-Management, The Grove, Los Angeles, CA

11/8/10 - Larry Goetz, The Liar Studio

"This is the type of company that earns their reviews. I went in here because of the good reviews I read online and I walked out of the store understanding why there are so many good reviews about their service. You have a question about lighting design or electrical supplies? Just call them. They don't care if you want to purchase or not. But they know that because of their service and pricing, you'll purchase." 

- Larry Goetz, The Liar Studio

9/29/10 - Santa Monica Place, Third Street Promenade

"Knowledable team. Great energy efficient lighting selection. Professional organization."

Santa Monica Place, Third Street Promenade, Santa Monica, CA

6/9/10 - Claudia, Dodgers Stadium

"Best Customer Service and Prices, ...the guys at Alcon Lighting know what they are doing.  No doubt, the only lighting company I'd go to." 

- Claudia, Dodgers Stadium,Los Angeles, CA

6/4/10 - Fred's Bakery

"Family owned, super friendly and customer service is really their priority. They served fresh hot tea while I was waiting to be helped.  We were able to also do lots of custom projects with them. It's my pleasure to write this testimonial."

- Fred's Bakery, Culver City, CA