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LED Track Lighting
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Alcon 13127 Architectural LED Tracklight
Alcon 13302 Kinski Architectural LED Trackhead Light
Alcon 13102 Architectural LED Track Wall Wash Spot Light
Alcon 13101 Adjustable Cylinder Ceiling LED Tracklight
Alcon 13329 Wall Wash Architectural LED Tracklight
Alcon 13252 Metropolitan LED Wall Wash Architectural Track Light
Alcon 13997 Track Lighting Channel Aircraft Cable Suspension Mount
Alcon 13995 Track Lighting Channel Stem Suspension Mount
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In LED track lighting systems, track lights, also referred to as track heads, are attached to a track with electrical conductors installed along the length of the track. Track heads can then be installed anywhere along the track.

Monopoint track lights are track heads designed to be mounted directly on a ceiling. Our commercial-grade collection of LED track heads provide high-lumen, high-CRI light for applications requiring powerful, adjustable general lighting such as retail space, art studios or museums. Learn more about the history and function of track lighting here.

Browse our collection of commercial-grade LED track lighting and track light fixtures ideal for gallery and retail lighting applications. High C.R.I. LED track lighting with Bluetooth Mesh and WiFi capability.