RGBW and Color Tuning | Finish: White; Lead Time: Ships-in: 3-4 Weeks; Manufacturer: Alcon Lighting; Light Direction: Indirect Uplight, Direct Downlight

  1. White
  2. Black (10)
  3. Grey
  4. Bronze
  5. Satin Brass
  6. Antique Brass
  7. Satin Aluminum
  8. Silver (10)
  9. Custom RAL (Extended Lead Time May Apply) (10)
  10. Oil Rubbed Bronze
  11. Stainless Steel
  12. Verde Green
  1. Linear (10)
  2. Round
  3. Cylinder
Lead Time
  1. QuickShip
  2. Ships In: 1-2 Weeks
  3. Ships In: 1-3 Business Days
  4. Ships-in: 2-4 Weeks
  5. Ships-in: 3-4 Weeks
  6. Ships-in: 6-8 Weeks
Light Direction
RGBW and Color Tuning
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10 Results

Alcon 12100-20-RGBW-S Linear Surface Color-Changing Slim LED Light
Alcon 12100-40-RGBW-S Linear Surface Color-Changing LED Light
Alcon 12100-20-R-RGBW Linear Recessed Slim Color-Changing LED Light
Alcon 12100-66-W-RGBW Color Changing LED Linear 6-Inch Wall Light
Alcon 12100-23-RGBW-S Linear Surface Color-Changing LED Light
Alcon 12100-23-RGBW-P Linear Pendant Color Changing LED Light
Alcon 12100-66-RGBW-P Color-Changing LED Linear Pendant Light
Alcon 12100-66-RGBW-S Linear Surface-Mounted Color-Changing LED Light
Alcon 12100-66-RGBW-R Linear Recessed Color-Changing LED Light
Alcon 12100-R2-RGBW-P Color-Tunable Adjustable LED Tube Light Pendant
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What Is Color Tuning?

White Color Tuning

White color tuning refers to the ability of a light fixture to adjust its color temperature to the color temperature preference (2700K-5500K) of the occupant anytime after the installation.

RGB+W and Full-Color Tuning

Full-color tuning refers to the same ability but additionally to produce a color output anywhere within the visible color spectrum, and is most commonly accomplished through the mixing of several base-color LEDs, most commonly RGB (Red, Green, Blue) and RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White).