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General FAQ's

Who qualifies for trade pricing?

Architects, Designers, Electricians, and Contractors. Please visit our trade page for more information.

Lighting distributors, please visit our distributor page.

What is your general approach to doing business?

Alcon Lighting, Inc. offers commercial lighting for the business and individual, the trade professional, such as an architect or designer, and the distributor.

To learn more about Alcon Lighting, visit About Alcon Lighting page.

What is a “lead time?”

The lead time is the time it takes to fabricate, assemble and prepare and order for shipment. Lead time is the time between the receipt of an order and shipment.

Note: we cannot guarantee lead times. Occasional backorder of components (i.e., LED drivers, diodes and/or other electrical components) may lead to assembly delays. Be assured, Alcon Lighting is 100 percent committed to meeting and/or exceeding lead time estimates.