Bluetooth Mesh | Lead Time: Ships-in: 3-4 Weeks; Housing Size: 2 Inch

Bluetooth Mesh
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1 Results
  1. Linear (1)
  2. Rectangle
  3. Square
Lead Time
  1. Ships-in: 2-4 Weeks
  2. Ships-in: 3-4 Weeks
Housing Size
  1. 2 Inch
  2. 4 Inch
  3. 6 Inch

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Unlike wi-fi controls, where each device has to communicate directly with the wi-fi router, Bluetooth Mesh is designed for large collections (thousands) of devices i.e. switches, lights and sensors that communicate with each other by forwarding a message (command) across all the devices in that Bluetooth chain until reaching the destination device to perform said operation. The communication travels from the originating device through a chain of Bluetooth Mesh enabled devices, like a Bluetooth highway. (Read more about Bluetooth Mesh here.)