David Hakimi


David Hakimi

Alcon Lighting Co-Founder, Insights Creative Director

Alcon Lighting creative director and co-founder David Hakimi works to improve lighting through research, development and education. David strives for efficiency in lighting, affording architects, lighting designers and engineers the ability to maximize LED lighting design and application.


  • Studied lighting design at IES in 2004
  • Founded Alcon Lighting while in school in 2005 with his brother Jake
  • Created Insights to provide lighting educational resources, tools and articles for anyone interested in learning about lighting and the value of LED light.
  • Strong knowledge in architectural lighting, lighting design, LED Lighting, sustainability and human-centric lighting.


David is a graduate of the University of California, Los Angeles, where he received a Bachelors in history. David also studied lighting design at IES in Los Angeles.

David traces his and Alcon Lighting’s commitment to innovation, accountability, quality and value to lessons learned from his father, Mike Hakimi, a lighting craftsman, salesman and consultant in Southern California for more than four decades.

Today’s commercial lighting requires consideration of various, often high traffic, use of space and therefore necessitate a deep, complete understanding of smart lighting systems and controls.

Lighting Philosophy

“The ideal application of lighting is both expressive and efficient.”

— David Hakimi

David takes pride in his design, energy and lighting design knowledge. He is driven by the desire to share his insights into lighting and design. It’s what inspires David to refine the company website and focus on product knowledge and education as well as answering questions designers have about lighting. This quest to disseminate knowledge was the impetus for David to create Insights, Alcon Lighting’s blog and resource center for helping the reader understand architectural lighting and its intelligent application to space.