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5 Tips from the Lighting Designers at Starbucks

5 Tips from the Lighting Designers at Starbucks

During cold winter nights, lighting can create warmth.  Lighting can also enhance surfaces and textures, or spotlight a focal point or piece of art. Sometimes the light fixture can become an objet d’art itself. Here are five tips from Cho and Enomoto, Starbucks’s Directors of Design: 1. Take advantage of natural light “During the day, try to

track light

LED Track Lighting for your Art Gallery: Choosing The Right Color Temperature

Choosing the right lighting for any space can be a complex decision. Considerations need to be made with respect to the purpose, form and function of the lighting application. Design and aesthetics also play a role in the equation. With so many options for lighting on the market, it takes specialized knowledge and understanding to determine

Residential LED Improvements

The Future for Solid State Lighting

Residential Lighting recently acquired an interview with Jim Broderick from the Department of Energy. In the American Lighting Associations yearly publication, Lighting Magazine, Jim Broderick discusses the increase in solid-state lighting LED Lighting upgrades and the goals of the U.S. Department of Energy. The speculative numbers from the department (DOE) are impressive. Currently, in the