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Finelite Releases HP-6 LED Collection

Finelite Releases HP-6 LED Collection

Finelite recently released the new HP-6 LED collection, the latest in their award-winning line of architectural LED luminaries. The 6-inch aperture fixtures provide even, continuous lighting, expanding design possibilities while maintaining Finelite’s commitment to quality and energy efficiency. The HP-6 line includes a selection of models: recessed, direct, surface mount, and air return for multiple applications in office,


Vandal Resistant LED Lighting: Sleek and Tough

Vandal resistant lighting is designed to survive high abuse. Vandal resistant lighting has always been known for its brawn – not necessarily its beauty. But times have changed.  LED Vandal resistant lighting has made progress in the realm of design and strength. What is vandal resistant lighting, and where is it most common? Vandal resistant


5 Lighting Tips for Multi-Family Apartment Building Developers

  Make sure that the lighting looks elegant. You want to make a good impression on tenants when they enter the lobby.  The lobby is where tenants are welcomed back home.  The lobby also leaves an impression on guests of tenants. Allow the lighting to create a homey, friendly atmosphere. Even though the lighting fixtures should


Things to Keep in Mind When Lighting For Mood

When designing spaces, the first goal is to define the space and primary use of that space. “In an office setting, lighting should encourage alertness and productivity,” says Rebecca Hadley, manager of Eaton’s SOURCE lighting education center. “It’s also beneficial to incorporate controls that allow for changes throughout the workday. Ideally, you’d have the ability to

track light

Illuminating Alternatives: Research in Museum Lighting

The last half of the 20th century saw the widespread acceptance and application of environmental guidelines designed to protect museum collections. In recent decades, these guidelines—which delineate standards for temperature, humidity, lighting, and other environmental factors—have provided unprecedented stability for the environments of many museums, reducing the danger of damage to objects in their collections.


The Regulation Catch-Up

Understanding U.S. Energy Codes and Standards Energy codes play a key role in helping us reduce our energy consumption. They set the mandatory requirements for new building construction and major renovations. The nation’s top three building energy codes and standards—Part 6 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, the International Energy Conservation Code