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The Regulation Catch-Up

The Regulation Catch-Up

Understanding U.S. Energy Codes and Standards Energy codes play a key role in helping us reduce our energy consumption. They set the mandatory requirements for new building construction and major renovations. The nation’s top three building energy codes and standards—Part 6 of Title 24 of the California Code of Regulations, the International Energy Conservation Code

A modern FAQ for Lighting Solutions

Lighting is rapidly changing as new efficient bulbs are released. Education of proper bulb placement and type means saving power, money, and enjoying a properly lit setting. Here are some common questions that present themselves. What lightbulb to buy for a lighting fixture There are three main choices to make. Type of bulb Modern bulbs

Qualifying Lighting

Qualifying an LED Light Bulb or Fixture

Lighting regulations used to be an issue. Faulting lighting was up to the discretion of the buyer, or the morality of the business. Fortunately, qualifying new LED lighting is not a chore. Energy Star has done the work for us and we appreciate it. To garner the Energy Star Logo, products must meet particular specifications,

intro to lighting design

Lighting 101: How much light is enough?

You may be making some lighting changes in your home or at work. It could be something small like a new light bulb. Perhaps it is something big such as new fixtures. Either way, you’ll need to do some math. You don’t want your home flooded with light but you also don’t want to be


Hospitality: Best Lighting Practices

The best lights make a room comfortable without guests ever knowing how much thought went into the process. This is especially important in hospitality lighting. The vast majority of guests need to move through the facility comfortably without realizing how great the lighting is. In the case of hospitality lighting, we mean hotels, bars, or


Retail: Best Lighting Practices

In a retail application, it is important that the product is highly visible. This means an open floor plan with a tactical attention to lighting. These solutions are even more important when the products are perishable food. If customers aren’t drawn toward fresh fruits, vegetables, or milk products then you can guarantee the store will


Commercial Interiors: Best Lighting Practices

Lighting commercial interiors is an evolving art form. Most buildings have not evolved with the lighting industry. They have been left behind with inefficient and costly fixtures or outdated models. The benefits of updating commercial interiors are not just in design and fashion. LED fixtures reduce cost in two major ways. Reduced Consumption Power consumption


How To Buy A Light Bulb In 2015

These days, a browse through Alcon Lighting’s website ( or even the lighting aisle at Home Depot is likely to leave you baffled. Here are the terms you need to know. LUMENS The amount of light a bulb produces. Depending on which government agency you ask, this is “brightness” or “light output.” Your reference point:

Eco LED Bulb

How to Qualify an LED Lighting Product

Step 1: Check the product package or specification sheet for warranty details. Warranty coverages ranging between 3-10 years are generally a sign that manufacturers are confident with the quality of their product. Step 2: Check the Lumens Per Watt ratio. LPW measures the amount of light produced for each watt of electricity consumed. More lumens