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LED Lighting for Art Gallery Applications: What You Need to Know

LED Lighting for Art Gallery Applications: What You Need to Know

More and more art galleries are making the switch from halogen and fluorescent light bulbs to LED lighting. Though initially more expensive, LED lighting decreases heat and increases color rendering, both crucial elements in art display and preservation. With high CRI (Color Rendering Index), LED Lights render colors in artwork more accurately as opposed to

Eco LED Bulb

How to Qualify an LED Lighting Product

Step 1: Check the product package or specification sheet for warranty details. Warranty coverages ranging between 3-10 years are generally a sign that manufacturers are confident with the quality of their product. Step 2: Check the Lumens Per Watt ratio. LPW measures the amount of light produced for each watt of electricity consumed. More lumens

Coalition of the Willing

‘Coalition of the Willing’ is a collaborative animated film and web-based event about an online war against global warming in a ‘post Copenhagen’ world. Coalition Of The Willing from coalitionfilm on Vimeo. The film offers a response to the major problem of our time: how to galvanize and enlist the global publics in the fight


Going Green: Energy-Efficient Homes Sell Faster & Fetch Higher Prices

Some research projects in California, Oregon and Washington offer hints that energy efficiency and sustainability certifications for homes may result in easier sales and higher prices. Home energy efficiency and sustainability have been major policy priorities for the Obama administration, but lurking in the background are two consistent questions: Beyond the documentable savings on utility


Does Lighting In the Classroom Affect Student Concentration?

A study of pupils in a UK high school indicates that the school’s lighting system has had a positive impact on student concentration levels. The Epsom and Ewell High School is the first school in the UK to have a classroom lighting system specifically designed to improve the learning environment for pupils. The system—Philips’s SchoolVision—features

The Science Behind LEDs – Part 1: What is an LED? And What Makes it So Energy Efficient?

What is LED? And what makes it so great? A light-emitting diode (LED) is a semiconductor light source. A diode is a two-terminal electronic component that conducts electric current in only one direction. LEDs produce 10X more light per watt than incandescent bulbs. Their efficiency is not affected by shape and size unlike Fluorescent light

The Science Behind LEDs – Part 2: Benefits & Applications of LEDs

Welcome to Part II of our series, The Science Behind LEDs. In this article we will focus on energy & money savings benefits of LEDs, as well as their ever-expanding applications. As of 2010, many LED lamps are available as replacements for the ordinary screw-in incandescent or compact fluorescent light bulbs, ranging from low power


Alcon Lighting Embraces LED Landscape Lighting

With green technology becoming more important and prevalent, LED lighting stands at the forefront of this eco-movement. Alcon Lighting, a Los Angeles-based lighting and electric supply company has fully embraced LED lighting and they are rapidly revolutionizing the lighting and electric supply industry. LED lights are energy efficient, low voltage, low amperage, and low wattage –

LED Light Bulb Cost Benefit Analysis

LED lights have many advantages over traditional lighting methods, these include: Low energy consumption – retrofit bulbs range from 0.83 to 7.3 Watts Long service life – LED bulbs can last up to 50,000 hours Durability – LED bulbs are resistant to thermal and vibrational shocks and turn on instantly from -40C° to 185C°, making