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Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce

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architectural specifications:
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Image 1 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce
Image 1 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 2 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 3 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 4 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 5 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 6 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 7 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce Image 8 of Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce
Product information
Cerno Fortis 03-170 LED Wall Sconce. Bubbles in glass will vary from piece to piece.
The Cerno 03-170 Fortis LED Wall Sconce features: Energy efficient LED light source
Low LED power Consumption at 13 Watts
Item Number
Model Numbers:
03-170-AW-27P1, 03-170-AD-27P1, 03-170-RW-27P1, 03-170-RD-27P1, 03-170-DW-27P1, 03-170-DD-27P1, 03-170-ZW-27P1, 03-170-ZD-27P1, 03-170-AW-35P1, 03-170-AD-27P2, 03-170-RW-35P1, 03-170-RD-35P1, 03-170-DW-35P1, 03-170-DD-35P1, 03-170-ZW-35P1, 03-170-ZD-35P1, 03-170-DDC-27P1, 03-170-DDC-27P2, 03-170-DDC-35P1, 03-170-DDC-35P2, 03-170-DD-27P1, 03-170-DD-27P2, 03-170-DD-35P1, 03-170-DD-35P2, 03-170-DWC-27P1, 03-170-DWC-27P2, 03-170-DWC-35P1, 03-170-DWC-35P2, 03-170-DW-27P1, 03-170-DW-27P2, 03-170-DW-35P1, 03-170-DW-35P2, 03-170-ADC-27P1, 03-170-ADC-27P2, 03-170-ADC-35P1, 03-170-ADC-35P2, 03-170-AD-27P1, 03-170-AD-27P2, 03-170-AD-35P1, 03-170-AD-35P2, 03-170-AWC-27P1, 03-170-AWC-27P2, 03-170-AWC-35P1, 03-170-AWC-35P2, 03-170-AW-27P1, 03-170-AW-27P2, 03-170-AW-35P1, 03-170-AW-35P2, 03-170-RDC-27P1, 03-170-RDC-27P2, 03-170-RDC-35P1, 03-170-RDC-35P2, 03-170-RD-27P1, 03-170-RD-27P2, 03-170-RD-35P1, 03-170-RD-35P2, 03-170-RWC-27P1, 03-170-RWC-27P2, 03-170-RWC-35P1, 03-170-RWC-35P2, 03-170-RW-27P1, 03-170-RW-27P2, 03-170-RW-35P1, 03-170-RW-35P2, 03-170-ZDC-27P1, 03-170-ZDC-27P2, 03-170-ZDC-35P1, 03-170-ZDC-35P2, 03-170-ZD-27P2, 03-170-ZD-35P2, 03-170-ZWC-27P1, 03-170-ZWC-27P2, 03-170-ZWC-35P1, 03-170-ZWC-35P2, 03-170-ZW-27P2, 03-170-ZW-35P2
More Information
More Information
Manufacturer Cerno
SKU 03-170
Free Shipping Single Yes
Voltage 120V, 277V
Color Temperature 2700K Warm White
CRI 85+
Style Wooden
Lumen Output 100 - 599 Lumens
Lumen Output Minimum 390