#1 – Alcon Lighting Saber 12204 LED Linear Suspended Pendant Light Fixture

Whether it’s a grisly mauling or just another Tuesday at the office, Alcon Lighting’s 12204 LED Linear Suspended fixture lends sleek, energy efficient sophistication to any setting.


The 12204 comes in two sizes, 48” (4 feet) and 96” (8 feet), and starts at a baseline 4445 lumens. Additional options include a boosted 5715 lumens for the 48” option and 5933 or 11,430 for the 96” option. No matter the size, this fixture boasts an impressive luminous efficacy of 127 lumens per watt.

This suspended ceiling light is ideal for multiple applications. Office managers love the 12204 for its unassuming yet boldly modern character profile. Kings and queens love them for their longevity and lumen output.

saber-12204 (2)Plus, LED technology allows for dimming without any annoying flicker or change in color temperature.

Dim the lights for an intimate, tasteful execution, or blast all 5715 lumens for intricate embroidery work. See the 12204 in your boardroom, your conference room, or even your killing room.

Your words, name, and house may disappear, but the 12204 LED Linear Suspended Pendant Light Fixture will never disappear—at least not for 15 years or 35,000 hours of illuminance.

A fine feast indeed.


#2 – Alcon Lighting 12221-4 LED Square 4×4 FT Linear Suspended Pendant Light Fixture

Ringing in at a solid 9,600 lumens and made from welded 22-gauge cold rolled steel, the 12221-4 looms brighter than a bid for the Iron Throne.

Whether you like your lighting as cold as the north wind or as warm as a still beating heart, the 12221-4 has it all with color temperatures ranging from 3000K (warm white) to 5000K (daylight)—perfect for intimate family dinners or office interiors alike.

square-12221-4_red (2)It might be classified as “decorative,” but don’t let that label fool you into thinking it’s just hanging there looking pretty. This imposing 4×4 foot fixture puts out plenty of light at 9,600 lumens—minimum.

The 12221-4 comes in seven different finishes: white, red (+$200), bronze (+$200), silver (+$200), black (+$200), iron (+$200), and our most popular color, poetic justice (+$500).

Let the last thing your enemy ever sees as the blood gurgles from his veins be your face as lit by the Alcon Lighting 12221-4 LED Square 4 x 4 FT Linear Suspended Pendant Light Fixture for commercial and architectural applications with variable lumen output.

Revenge is a dish best served under 80+ CRI high CCT LED lighting.

#3 – Alcon Lighting Suono 15203 LED High Bay Pendant Light Fixture – 50W – High Output


High bay lighting can be tricky: you want a durable fixture that will withstand the swirling elements and marauding White Walkers, but you also want high output, accurate color rendering, and energy efficiency.

The Alcon Lighting Suono 15203 LED High Bay Pendant Fixture fits the bill with grace and poise. Not only does this fine specimen of commercial pendent lighting come in a stunning spun matte anodized .063 aluminum finish, it also lights up at a smart 80+ CRI.

lb-15203 (1)Clocking in at an energy friendly 71 lumens per watt, the 15203 is perfect for lighting warehouses, commercial offices spaces, and zombie dismemberments.

This bold luminaire offers even and consistent lighting for even the most detailed tasks, while also holding the look and design of any setting together. Choose between 3000K, 3500K or 5000K depending on your desired color temperature.

With a frosted lens and a 6’ Adjustable Aircraft Canopy and power cord coming standard, this high CRI fixture increases worker productivity and accuracy while minimizing accidents.


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