Color-tunable lighting is an exciting, new lighting technology that allows users to control the color of light anytime after installation and attune lighting to individual preferences or specific application needs.

Three types of color-tunable technologies allow users to tune lighting fixtures in a residence or workplace.


  • 2700K – 1800K range
  • Mimics incandescent lighting or candlelight
  • Dim-to-warm products become increasingly warmer in tone, akin to a flame, as light dims. These tend to work best in restaurants, hotel lobbies and guest rooms; also in ballrooms, theaters and homes.


  • 2700K – 5000K range
  • Mimics daylight
  • Tunable-white products allow for increasing kelvins, which increases blue-toned hues and intensity to simulate daylight. These tend to work best for industrial, medical and commercial office lighting; also in museums and art studios.

Full-color tuning

  • RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, White)
  • Provides full range of color wheel and tunable-white
  • Full-color tuning products, also known as RGB, RGBA, RGBW, or color changing use primary colors to produce most colors across the color spectrum.

Light and light color play an important part in regulating the human body’s biological clock, also know as circadian rhythm.  Light color and intensity can induce alertness in the daytime and rest and relaxation in the evening.

Most color-tuning products come with applications on Apple or Android devices as well as wall control units. It’s important to compare control options, such as a user interface and available settings.

Color heightens and deepens the senses. This may lead to improved working conditions and better retail and hospitality experiences. As lighting changes in color, for example, a patron’s attention can be drawn to an area showcasing a display, goods or services. Color of light may correspond to a company’s brand or highlight a seasonal, cultural or athletic celebration.

In summary, color tuning affords the user an ability to control light color and intensity to adapt, soften and elevate human experiences and foster environments to particular functions on demand.

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