Contrary to their domesticated canine counterparts, cats don’t need constant attention. They generally lie low by lounging in the sun or trying to cram their bodies into tiny cardboard boxes. In fact their humans are generally in the way.  As proof, here’s a collection of architectural photographs where the photographers were inconveniently in the way.

Photo by Luc Roymans.


Photo by Patrick Reynolds.


Photo by Filippo Poli.


Photo by Pedro Vannucchi.


Photo by Luc Roymans.


Photo by Olivier Mathiotte.


Architect: Barker Freeman Design Office


Photo by FANAF.


Photo by Kyungsub Shin.


Photo by Fuji Shokai; Masahiko Nishida.


Photo by: Eui-tae Park.


All photos originally appeared on Arch Daily.

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