Los Angeles’ LED Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program is Shining Bright

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August 19, 2011

street light install Los Angeles LED Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program is Shining Bright The City of Los Angeles has over 209,000 streetlights that light two-thirds of the City with light sources including incandescent, mercury vapor, metal halide, to high pressure sodium. This variety of lamps is an example of the evolution of roadway lighting that provides greater efficiency in lighting output and energy savings.

The Bureau of Street Lighting is responsible for the design, construction, operation, maintenance and repair of the City’s Street Lighting System. Based on preliminary analysis and evaluation of the development of the LED industry the Bureau is strongly considering a large scale project to replace existing roadway fixtures into LED or any other high energy efficient light source.

Until the mid-1950′s, the City did not require developers of housing, commercial and industrial property to install street lighting. So in the older areas of the City, most streets did not have streetlights, unless the developer voluntarily installed them, or a neighborhood group or their Council Office started a project to install them at the property owners’ expense.

In coordination with the Mayor’s leadership on advancing energy efficiency throughout the City, the Bureau strives to be conscious of the impact of excessive energy use, light pollution, glare, hazardous materials, and other environmental impacts to the City. Due to the development of new lighting technology that promises increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance, longer life span and light control it is incumbent upon the Bureau to actively explore these new lighting sources.

Facts and Figures: Street Lighting in Los Angeles

Miles of Streets in the City of Los Angeles: 7,000
Miles of Lighted Streets in the City of Los Angeles: 5,000
Number of Streetlights: Over 242,000
Number of Different Styles of Streetlights Currently Being Maintained: Over 400
Annual Utility Bill: $17 million
Annual Assessment to 500,000 properties: $43 million

Conversion Savings: LED Energy Efficiency Program

Total Number of Units (Being replaced): 51641
Total Nominal Wattage Before (kW): 8,945 kW
Total Nominal Wattage After (kW): 3,663 kW
% Energy Savings: 59.1%
Annual C02 Reduction (Metric Tons): 12,744 MT
Annual Energy Savings (MWh): 21,553 mWH
Annual Energy Savings ($): $1,905,745

More Information on the LA Street Lighting Program

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More Before/After Examples:

Hoover Street North of 30th Street

hoover before after Los Angeles LED Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program is Shining Bright

La Mirada – Seaward to Wilcox

la mirada before after Los Angeles LED Street Lighting Energy Efficiency Program is Shining Bright

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