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Alcon Lighting Embraces LED Landscape Lighting

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With green technology becoming more important and prevalent, LED lighting stands at the forefront of this eco-movement. Alcon Lighting, a Los Angeles-based lighting and electric supply company has fully embraced LED lighting and they are rapidly revolutionizing the lighting and electric supply industry. LED lights are energy efficient, low voltage, low amperage, and low wattage – providing ultra bright light that generates virtually no heat compared to halogen, incandescent or compact fluorescent lighting. In terms of their usability benefits, LEDs can be catered to provide illumination in almost any kind of application. The distinct characteristics of LEDs allow for easy adaptation to new forms of lighting; new form factors, and cutting-edge bulb types that outperform existing bulb sources.

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According to David Hakimi, Co-Director of Sales at Alcon Lighting, “Humans by nature are phototropic beings (attracted to light), and proper lighting has the ability to appeal strongly to our senses and emotions. The emotional power that emanates creates atmosphere and enriches life.” In the realm of home improvement – landscape lighting is becoming a commanding new trend. Landscape LED lighting has the potential to take over that market and illuminate a wide variety of landscapes. More than ever before, homeowners are looking to upgrade their property’s aesthetics and with proper landscape lighting they will have great opportunity to make a stunning first impression.

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Alcon Lighting has earned great prestige for its integration of the highest quality landscape lighting amongst a wide variety of environments. Alcon’s LED specialist, David Hakimi stated that, “our extensive array of LED directional lighting fixtures, LED pathway fixtures, & LED well lighting fixtures have led to a substantial growth of our company in the landscape lighting market. In terms of cost savings, LED light bulbs afford the consumer reduced energy usage in addition to savings on replacement costs (as compared to traditional bulbs). With LEDs as opposed to fluorescents, consumers are able to switch to energy efficient and environmentally friendly lighting solutions without losing light quality.”

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In most home applications, LED bulbs are expected to pay for themselves in less two years from energy and replacement savings alone and now most LED manufacturers offer a minimum 3-year warranty. The Holiday Inn chain of hotels recently switched over to energy efficient LED lighting for their signage, which will lead to an estimated $4.4 million in savings annually. According to the Director of Sustainability for The Holiday Inn, “Switching from neon and florescent to LED breaks down to $3 million in savings on annual maintenance, and $1.4 million on energy savings.”

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In the United States, lighting accounts for about 11 percent of all residential energy use and 26 percent of all commercial energy use. Life cycle assessments of LED lights have revealed that LED lamps are competitive to compact fluorescent lamps today (while not containing harmful elements such as lead or mercury), and future technological developments will only further cut down on energy demand. In terms of LED lamp production, less than 2 percent of total energy demand is needed to create them. Alcon Lighting has provided consultation in several LED analysis and application specified projects.

To highlight the growth, savings, and application of LED lighting: In 2009, Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, with former-President Bill Clinton by his side, announced a new streetlight program to retrofit all of the city’s streetlight fixtures with energy and cost saving LED fixtures. Once the project is finished and the debt is retired, the city will save over $10 million annually, while simultaneously cutting energy usage by 40 percent and reducing carbon emissions by more than 40,000 tons a year.

Alcon’s LED lighting selection is a great new resource for designers, contractors, and consumers who want to save energy and create exciting lighting design. “LED technology allows for paramount reliability, flexibility and performance. And we’re just taking advantage of it.” remarked Jake Hakimi, Co-Director of Sales at Alcon Lighting.